We rediscover Connecticut’s historic places.

Knowledge is power, and for over a decade, Preservation Connecticut has documented and promoted awareness of buildings and landscapes that represent our state’s vibrant past.

Our staff of historians and building specialists have recorded and researched Connecticut’s creative places, barns, mills and industrial sites, early town greens, and local historic districts.  More than just a public history project, our surveys give local communities and individuals the information they need to plan for, adaptively reuse, and steward these important places.






Creative Places










Town Greens





Local Historic Districts


What goes into our surveys?

Surveys involve creation of a historical overview, identification and documentation of individual sites, and preparation of State or National Register nominations. After surveys are completed, Preservation Connecticut has broadened its reach with websites, virtual and physical “trails,” presentations, and other events.

In the case of Barns and Making Places surveys, the projects included grant-making as well as technical evaluation and assistance for rehabilitation or reuse.  Over the years, Preservation Connecticut has developed its surveys as a contractor of the State Historic Preservation Office.

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