Pease-Caulkins House, (circa 1660s-1700s)

The Pease-Caulkins house is one of the few houses remaining in Norwich with connections to the original settlers of the town. Located at the western boundary of the original town plot, the home belonged to John Pease, then passed to Hugh Caulkins, grandson of Norwich Founder, Deacon Hugh Caulkins.

The home is 1 ½ stories and dates to the early eighteenth century. The home has a massive central chimney, a gambrel roof, and a lean to. Listed on the Bean Hill National Register Historic District, the house has seen several modernizations over the years and is in significant disrepair, but could be restored using historic tax credits.

Prior use was a residence, but there is a possibility to convert the building into a commercial use since the parcel is zoned commercial. 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, 2,731 sq. ft; 0.54 Acres.

60-day demolition delay imposed on 1/8/20, expires 3/24/20.

Email: or call 203-562-6312 with questions.