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Our grants faciliate shoreline preservation.

A beloved treasure on Connecticut’s coast, the Mystic Seaport Museum boasts an unrivaled assembly of historic resources that provide visitors with a deep appreciation for Connecticut’s maritime history. Hands-on activities, lively performances, and tours of whaling ships enrich that experience.

A $12,000 grant from the Connecticut Trust in 2018, through our partnership with the 1772 Foundation, resulted in a roof replacement of the Charles Mallory Sail Loft. Built in 1839, the Loft is one of the few remaining unmodified sail lofts in existence. (Photos at left courtesy Mystic Seaport.)  

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Charles Mallory built the Loft in 1839. His firm, Mallory & Grant, as well as other sailmakers, used it into the 1870s. It has an open floor plan, which was needed to construct sails for tall ships. Before blueprints were supplied to them by ship designers, sailmakers made their own patterns. After measuring the masts and yards of the ship, the sailmaker made a paper pattern, 1/8″ to the foot, and sketched the outline on the loft floor. 

Originally located downriver from the Museum, the loft was moved to its current site in 1951. The building now is used to interpret historic shipbuilding trades (sailmaking, rigging, and ship chandlery) as part of the Museum’s recreated 19th century village. The cedar shingle roof had deteriorated from normal weathering and was in need of replacement. 

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