Your CT Story

Time for you to tell your story.
We would be honored if you shared “Your CT Story” about the places in Connecticut that matter most to you.  Is it an old barn that your grandparents used for tobacco-growing?  Is it a small business you used to frequent on a local “main street”?  How about a landscape that evokes vivid memories?  Share your place with others through words, images, and videos.

Share Your Story Here!

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Please upload one image, of a person in or near “your” place. Images should be high-quality, high-resolution, no less than 300 ppi, and with no superimposed text.
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Please upload a second image or video! This image may provide details of interiors, exteriors, or context. Videos should be no more than 2 minutes long.

In making this submission to Preservation Connecticut (the “Organization”), I grant theOrganization a nonexclusive license to copy, publish, and use in any medium (including but not limited to print, video, and website) any component of my submission (including but not limited to my name, text, videos, and images).  I give the Organization the right to make any editorial changes and additions to the material submitted as it may deem necessary or desirable for production purposes. I represent that I own or control any and all components of my submission, including the words I have used and the images or videos I have submitted, and that I have obtained the permission of all individuals shown in the images (including, in the case of minors, from parents or guardians).  Finally, I will hold the Organization harmless for any damages imposed on the Organization as a result of its copying, publishing, or otherwise using my submission.

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