Our Mission

We preserve, protect, and promote the buildings, sites, and landscapes that contribute to the heritage and vitality of Connecticut communities.

For over four decades, we have successfully championed the protection of remarkable community assets all over the state by leveraging funding, advocating, forming partnerships, and promoting stewardship. Read more about our history. 

We believe that preservation truly matters. It matters because historic places connect us to the lessons, techniques, stories and people of the past. They evoke emotions and memories. Some are considered sacred. The historic places we choose to preserve speak to our identity and reflect our values as a society. 

Preservation is not just a feel good exercise: tourism, rehabilitation, maintenance, and related activities have added more than 6,000 jobs and nearly half a billion dollars to the economy in the last decade. For every $100 invested in the rehabilitation of a historic structure, some $83 ends up in the pockets of Connecticut workers. Click here to see an economic impact study. 

In addition, preservation and sustainability go hand in hand.  Historic buildings tend to be built better and are more comfortable than current construction. Their warm materials often appeal to the heart. And the “greenest” building is a building that’s lasted for generations.

Get to know our work and our leadership

To achieve our mission, we often collaborate with other groups.  Check out our “Who’s Who of Connecticut Preservation Organizations”!

Jane Montanaro

Executive Director, Preservation Connecticut

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