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Our grants help save sacred places.

The Connecticut Trust recently awarded $10,000 to Liberty Christian Center, in the heart of Hartford’s North End, for repairs and re-roofing of the sanctuary.

The building began its life in 1914, when Hartford’s Fourth Congregational Church relocated from a downtown location. The congregation brought the steeple and portico from its 1850s-era church, and the rest of the building was built around it.

A vibrant, predominantly African-American congregation now occupies the building.  Their passion for preservation has resulted in a multi-year partnership with the Connecticut Trust, starting in 2015, when we awarded them $14,000 for repairs to their steeple, and in 2016, when we funded a $7,500 condition assessment.

Funding for this grant – and many others – came directly out of the Trust’s operating budget in FY2018.  We need your support to continue to serve organizations like Liberty Christian to address their preservation challenges.

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