Description:  Kronenberger & Sons Restoration is a bonded, merit, General Contractor with an extensive list of trusted subcontractors and suppliers we have formed relationships with over our 70+ years in business. We utilize our own forces and contract out additional crews on an as-needed basis to lead some of the most complex and high-profile building projects the Northeast has to offer. While our origins were rooted in Historic Restoration, we also have a long history performing new Renovations as well, such as additions, interior and exterior updating, safety modification, egress accommodations, and adaptive re-use. Such job sites include hospitals, laboratories, high schools, colleges, churches, and more. Let us bring your building into the 21st century with timeless craftsmanship. Since 1989, KSR has additionally been general contractor for New Construction projects, consisting of anything from churches and houses, to school buildings and senior centers. No matter how modern or historic your project may be, Kronenberger & Sons applies the same attention to detail, quality construction, and safety on each job.

Our Middletown location houses a full carpentry shop for restoration of windows and doors. Our shop employs skilled full-time glaziers, painters, and carpenters to ensure that every small feature and fixture is met with the same regard of attention to detail and faithful restoration. In addition to windows and doors, our shop works on panelling, shutters, trims, mouldings, railings, and all associated metal hardware. We also restore windows and doors on site when needed and perform complete new window and door replacements when called for. Contact us to schedule a tour of our facilities and discuss how we can accommodate your project.

While restoration is in our name, we often come across projects where original windows and doors have either been damaged beyond repair or are outright missing and need to be replaced. We can create exact replicas of windows and doors based on existing material, drawings, and even historical photographs. Whatever the situation may be, Kronenberger & Sons Restoration is fully capable of performing new window and door replacements.

Storm windows are invaluable in certain situations, as they improve insulation, add to soundproofing, and increase energy savings. Kronenberger & Sons Restoration works with Allied Storm Windows whenever a project requires specialized storm window installation. This allows us to provide you with custom shapes and sizes based on your measurements and drawings, along with use options such as fixed, operable, multiple panels, screen options, interior installation, UV reduction, curved glass, and more.

Metal repair and restoration requires unique solutions and expertise which our staff here at Kronenberger & Sons is accustomed to. KSR deals with sheet metal, flashing, gutters, downspouts, copper roofing, standing-seam roofing, railings, doors, weathervanes, and any associated ornamental items that have suffered damage over time or simply need replacing. Our expertise includes but is not limited to: tarnish and stain removal, paint and coating removal, regular cleaning, coating protection, painting, polishing/buffing, epoxy repair, soldering, and welding.

We offer complete construction and restoration of heavy timber framing structures such as houses, barns, covered bridges, and pavillions. Our extensive knowledge is backed by years of experience with traditional post-and-beam framing techniques, including mortise and tenon joinery. This enables us to stabilize damaged historic framing, perfectly recreate new members based on the original, and seamlessly incorporate them into the existing structure. We also use reclaimed historic lumber when your job calls for it.

Kronenberger & Sons has its origins rooted in woodworking. Since 1946, we have been mastering skills required by the craft and passing them down to the next generation of apprentices and journeymen, all the while adapting to the times and the specialized nature of the preservation field. On staff, we have master carpenters that deliver superior quality on time and within budget. We perform exterior work such as structural repair, wood shingles, siding, trim, columns, porches, dormers, roof repair, steeples, turrets, clock towers, cupolas, and more. Our interior work includes flooring, paneling, mouldings, cabinetry, and all associated painting and plastering.

Kronenberger & Sons employs numerous skilled masons whose expertise is needed to retain the historic accuracy of the many stone retaining walls, monuments, buildings, steeples, foundations, mill races, etc. that KSR restores from job to job. Our masons have worked all throughout the east coast, laying, repointing, stabilizing, and restoring masonry projects since KSR’s inception. We also work to restore damaged concrete and can provide period-appropriate historic mortar matches.

Our Middletown shop contains facilities and equipment for lead and asbestos abatement, for which we are certified. Separate rooms for steaming/stripping, and sanding allow us to process large jobs and maintain productivity and cleanliness. We use two high efficiency Steam Stripper ovens made by Bagala to harmlessly loosen years of paint and glazing from old windows and doors. For objects which are larger or sensitive to steam, we employ different intensities of chemical strippers, heat guns, and UV lamps. Various Syclone Mk4 HEPA filters keep clean air circulating in the contamination area. KSR additionally has many years of experience in dealing with abatement on site, keeping with current OSHA regulations to isolate and remove lead and asbestos even in currently occupied buildings and areas near pedestrian use. Contractors choose KSR first when confronted with historic resources affected by these hazardous materials, due to our attention to hygiene illustrated by our extensive list of safety awards.

Kronenberger & Sons has years of experience overseeing the planning, design, and construction of projects both large and small. Our clients have included anyone from the federal government to the average homeowner. For as long as we have been construction managers, we have specialized the preservation of historical buildings. In our later years, we have acted as historic consultants, utilizing our extensive knowledge on old structures to help partners and other contractors when they seek advice. We are proud to have a Registered Historical Architect on our team who meets the Secretary of The Interior Professional Qualification Standards.


Primary Contact: Brian Kronenberger

Phone: 8603474600


Address: 175 Industrial Park Road, Middletown, CT 06457

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