Educational Events

Preserving historic places without owning them – the kind of historic stewardship we practice – demands informed and engaged local partners.  That’s why Preservation Connecticut has become the state’s go-to resource for preservation education. 

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House Talk Series

Preservation Connecticut sponsors a long-running “House Talk” series, where people tell their often-heroic stories about how an individual home has been saved.  We sometimes partner with local realtors to connect our members and friends to opportunities to own historic homes, from the colonial saltbox through the mid-century modern.


We train commissioners of local historic districts, in workshops cosponsored by the State Historic Preservation Office.  Hundreds of commissioners and members of the public have gained critical insights on how to regulate historic properties through our programs.

Survey Presentations

We also sponsor events that coincide with our surveys of historic places.  For example, while we were documenting over 1,500 industrial mill buildings for our Making Places Project, we made presentations in all 8 counties, with estimated live and online audiences of over 1,200 people.

Technical Workshops

Finally, we conduct technical workshops for preservation professionals (and interested amateurs!), some in coordination with the Preservation Education Institute.  The latest round of wood windows workshops was fully funded by the State Historic Preservation Office.

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